Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Warrior's Emergency Rations

The start of hurricane season is one week away, and the weather over the continental U.S. is volatile. The forecasters at both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Colorado State University are predicting a busier-than-average year. With all that in mind, I hope coastal residents are making early preparations to take care of your home and family in case a storm hits your area.

One of the important considerations is food. Emergency management leaders in Escambia County, Florida, today encouraged people to have not just the 72 hours worth of supplies that the federal government recommends, but rather at least 96 hours worth of supplies. That's four days worth of food and water, instead of just three days.

Let's review:
  • One gallon of water per person per day. Don't forget to factor pets into your math.
  • Non-perishable food that doesn't require refrigeration or cooking.
  • If you plan on using canned goods, have a manual (not electric) can opener handy.
  • Paper plates are a great idea, since you may not have hot running water available.
I just discovered a new source for food with a long shelf-life. The company doesn't offer a lot of variety, but what they have is fun and will definitely keep through a couple of seasons, if needed.

CMMG is primarily a firearms company. They sell assault rifles and parts for assault rifles. As a sideline, they offer a few emergency rations.

Their Tactical Bacon comes in a black and white can with infographics on the back to demonstrate use.

For $15.95, you get nine ounces of fully cooked bacon which, the company says, will last up to ten years on the shelf. Once you open the can, though, you pretty much have to eat it right away, not that nine ounces will probably take you long to eat.

I can't see the top of the can, but it probably requires that manual can opener.

The company also makes sandwiches, which they call Sammiches, in two varieties: beef and pepperoni. The sandwiches are individually packaged and come vacuum sealed.

According to CMMG's website, each Sammich contains "300 calories of pure tactical goodness" and will last more than two years in your emergency kit, as long as it's stored at 80°F or less.

The cost is $5.95 each.

These are not the most economical addition to your disaster supplies. I placed one can of Tactical Bacon and a few Sammiches to my cart, and with the $10 shipping charge it came to over $50. If you can afford it, though, it would be a fun menu item to give to the guy(s) in your household, to help lighten the mood in the midst of catastrophe. Click here to shop.

I read about these products online. I have received no promotional consideration from CMMG, and I have no personal experience with the products.

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