Friday, June 19, 2009

Hurricane Survival Links

I created most of the posts on this website in 2008. In June, 2009, with hurricane season barely underway and the tropics quiet (so far), I have updated the links in last summer's posts. The information remains valid. It's important to have an emergency plan in place, because sometimes you get just two or three days notice. Even if a storm builds over weeks in the Atlantic, the track may change at the last minute, and you'll find yourself facing a disaster you thought would befall someone else. I hope if you have found your way here, you'll take a few minutes to read those 2008 posts and think about the ideas presented here and on the recommended websites.


James said...

Where are the hurricane links?

Auriette said...

Hi James,
Several links to emergency information sites are on the sidebar. The others are included in my blog posts from 2008. I only posted a few times last year, so there's not a lot to go through. The link to 2008 posts is in the upper right hand corner. Thanks for visiting my blog.